Fundraising Tips

Your personal fundraising page

Let your donors know more about you – create your own personal fundraising page by registering online! Once you register for your Ride For Dad event, you'll have access to fundraising tools to help you get the word out about your efforts. Your confirmation e-mail will include a link to your participant centre and instructions on how to customize your personal fundraising page.

Be sure to include your photograph and personal message on your page. You can then send custom e-mails to your friends and family and invite them to support you in the event and donate to the cause. When they visit the site, they can use our secure online system to pledge you with their credit card. They will then receive an official electronic tax receipt by e-mail.

Share your story

The most compelling fundraising pages offer personal stories. You may want to include some information on why you have chosen to get involved in the fight against prostate cancer, or you might provide a history of how much money you have raised to date. The choice is yours! The best advice is to personalize your page with a photo and give your friends and family compelling reasons to support your efforts. You'll be glad you did. In fact, on average, online Ride For Dad participants who use their personal fundraising page and e-mail tools raise twice as much as offline participants, and take less time to do it.

Help spread the word by email to your friends and family! You can even send an e-Card featuring Rick Mercer and General Rick Hillier (ret.)!

Use a pledge form too!

Click here to download a pledge form to collect pledges in person too. Receipts will be mailed to donors after the Ride to those who make a donation in person. Donations collected offline can also be entered to your fundraising total through the participant centre.

Did you know the reason that most people don’t make a donation is because they aren't asked? Try one of the following approaches and see what happens!

  • Pledge yourself $20, then ask 4 friends to contribute $20 (or ask 15 people for $10 each). You will be amazed how quickly it adds up.
  • Set a fundraising goal for yourself and see what a positive impact you can make.
  • Place a donation jar on your desk at work.
  • Ask your employer to match any money you raise.
  • Raise your money in honour of a friend or co-worker who survived cancer.
  • Promote the event and be ready to take donations everywhere you go: work, school, place of worship, shopping, sports and social clubs, and so on.
  • Who can you ask for donations? Everybody! Ask your accountant, banker, pharmacist, dentist, doctor, lawyer, personal trainer, hairstylist, florist, the owner of your favourite restaurant, and so on.
  • Make a list of potential donors, and how much money you think they can give.
  • It's best to be specific about how much you would like as a donation.
  • Be enthusiastic when asking for money.
  • Let potential donors know where the money goes.
  • Be creative! Catch their attention!
  • If you have asked a number of people, keep track and follow up. People tend to be busy and forget unless they’re reminded.
  • Thank your donors!